Resourcefulness and resilience on the road “The writer’s vivid imagery brings exotic locales to life, while she weaves in a parallel narrative of her inner journey, to engaging effect. This book is for those of us who can only dream of such faraway places, and for those of us whose inner journey continues. A high adventure and a great read.”


 Travel vicariously during Covid.
Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2020

I love this book! I just started last night, but it so well written that I have to pace myself so I don’t read it all at once. As a traveler who has been pretty much housebound because of the Covid pandemic, I am really enjoying traveling with Carla. She has an inviting style and you feel like you’re right there with her. Five Stars, and I don’t give five stars often.


 An incredible journey!
Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2020

This book is the perfect antidote for the quarantine blues. Remember a time when traveling around the world was possible? Think back further, and remember a time when world travelers couldn’t rely on cell phones, Wifi or even ATM machines? This book takes you back to that time and place, with wonderfully descriptive language and Web Design Corrections Form detailed passages about small villages and rural spots in far off places around the globe. Read and enjoy!

-Tracy Neis

 Vicarious Traveling Around the World

Reviewed in the United States on January 2, 2021

“Because this around-the-world bicycle odyssey was done 3 decades ago, this book is more of an adventure story, than a travel guide. It’s like time travel back to when there were no cell phones, internet, or ATMS. International calls were made when you were desperate. You scheduled mail for when you would be in a city where there was an American Express office. I am amazed that the writer could do this, traveling on bikes for a year, from Europe to Africa to India, then Asia. with only 4 changes of clothes! Even when I was younger, I would never have taken a trip like this, so I enjoyed reading about it. I loved how they found off-the-beaten path places, and I am curious what these places are like now, like Kodaikanal in India and the art festival in Hue, Vietnam.I have traveled to Vietnam, Thailand, and Bali in recent years, so I was able to compare the then as she experienced it, and the now, as I experienced it. Vietnam is drastically different, but we both found the people, especially the women, extremely warm and sincere. The best thing about travel is learning about other cultures and seeing life through others’ eyes. There is much of that in the different places they went to. There are stories here of the “kindness of strangers.” She even mentioned books she was reading in each country, which I will look into. Another story line I thought was interesting was the writer’s thinking through, and feeling through, her relationship with her then-husband, her travel partner. I found this book easy to read, inspiring and uplifting. But it was honest as well, she didn’t leave out parts that were challenging, like needing to prepare for the various health threats, and having to endure recovery when you did catch something. There is much to like about this book. You will feel like a good friend of yours is telling you about the year she spent bicycling around the world.”


 A fantastic travel memoir
Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2020

This was a wonderful book to read! I happen to have a fear of bicycles, but I am passionate about travel… so Bicycle Odyssey was a must for my reading list. Full of adventure, challenges, and vivid details, this book takes the reader on quite the journey. And many of the journeys we take have nothing to do with a physical trek. The author reveals her personal struggles and joys with intimate detail. She shares how hidden gems along the way led to a journey of self discovery. Scotland, Uganda, Vietnam, Bali, and more … you’ll find a unique perspective of the people, customs, and lands within this memoir.

-Jenny Boots

Just like being on the trip yourself (as a reader)
Reviewed in Germany on November 22, 2020

Just like being on the trip yourself (as a reader)
The language of this fascinating and yery personal story is so vivid and colourful that the reader is step by step drawn into the scenery . As a reader you gradually become the third cyclist that shares the countryside and the adventures of the author and her husband. There are no boring moments as the book is emotional on one hand and very interesting and informative on the other, as far as customs, historical details and human personalities in out of the way places in foreign countries are concerned. A further advantage is that you can easily interrupt your reading and resume it later because their is no intricate plot you have to memorize to follow the story.